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Protect your vehicle against theft

1. Protect your vehicle from being stolen with one of these anti-theft devices: electronic security system, steering wheel and column lock, ignition kill switch, fuel kill switch, immobilizer, or locks for the floor board, gear shift, wheels or hood. Also etching the vehicle identification number into several areas makes it easier to trace.

2. Use common sense to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Never leave the car running unattended or keys in the ignition, don't hide spare keys in or within close proximity of the vehicle, never carry personal identification documents like titles and be careful not to keep valuables in sight.

3. If you become a victim of auto theft, contact police with as much of the following information as possible: year, make, model and color of your vehicle, license plate number, vehicle identification number, location where vehicle was parked, approximate time of the theft and names of any eyewitnesses.

4. When parking your vehicle, try to find a well-lit, high traffic area. Turning your wheels toward the curb, using your emergency brake and parking in between other vehicles deters thieves and makes it harder to be towed away.