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Warmer weather is here and we want you to have a safe and happy motorcycle season. Here are five quick tips to prepare your motorcycle for the road.

1.  Clean the entire engine with a mild detergent and water solution. Remove any metal-protecting agents as well as any plastic or rubber covers from the air box intakes, exhaust pipes and air box drain.

2. Make sure the battery is in good condition and fully charged, be sure the vent hose is connected and routed properly, drain and replace any oil that was in the engine during storage, lubricate all areas as instructed in the operator's manual, change the spark plugs and check the engine coolant.

3. If your bike is chain driven, inspect the chain and drive sprockets for excessive wear or loosening and adjust if necessary. If shaft-driven, inspect the oil level in the final drive unit and make sure it's filled to the proper level.

4. Inspect and correct the following equipment after pulling your bike from storage: tires, brake pads and shoes, coolant hoses and brake lines, cables, turn signals, reverse lights, kill switch, horn and headlight. If your bike has hydraulic brakes, check the fluid level and follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

 5. Before starting your motorcycle for the first time after storage, slowly crank it over with the kick starter and listen for any abnormal noises. Then start it and let it run a few minutes in a well-ventilated area. If anything seems unusual, have your bike checked out by a factory-trained mechanic.

Prepare your motorcycle for the road