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Do You Know Why Most Businesses Don't Reopen After a Serious Loss?

Loss of business income is a primary reason most businesses do not reopen after a serious loss vs from the actual direct damage from a loss. Simply put - businesses need a continual income stream to help ensure they can meet their financial obligations even when there is an unexpected interruption or need to suspend operations.

Consider the snow storm that took the Northeast by surprise in October, 2011. Overnight, thousands of businesses were without power and couldn't open for days, and in some cases, weeks. Listen to Martin Hurwitz' story, owner of Harvest Bakery (Bristol, CT), and how having Off Premises Utility Services (OPUS) coverage through The Hartford helped him "weather the storm".

Off Premises Utility Services is just one of the Business Income options we offer. And, we make it easy for you to offer your customers the coverage they need. Many of our Business Income options can be purchased separately or as part of our Stretch endorsements -- offering a cost effective means to bundle many coverages available as optional - including some Business Income coverages.

Think all Business Income coverages are the same? Think again. The Hartford...

  • Automatically includes continuing payroll expenses as part of our Business Income product; and
  • Offers Extended Business Income for up to one year.

And, don't forget about our Business Income options designed for the unique needs of healthcare practices that reduce, and in some cases eliminate, the paperwork associated with a business income loss - a real time saver.

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This contains only general descriptions of coverages that may be provided and does not include all of the features, exclusions and conditions of the policies it describes.  Certain coverages, features and credits vary by state and may not be available to all businesses. You should consult the actual policy language and speak with an appropriate Hartford representative to resolve any questions. Claim examples provided are general. In the event of a loss, the terms of the policy issued and the circumstances surrounding the loss will determine the coverage provided. Each loss will be individually evaluated by The Hartford claim department to determine coverage.